Winnamir ltd, LONDON - UK

Winnamir ltd, LONDON - UK

We warmly welcome you to our website.
Let us introduce ourselves: for more than twenty-five years we have been working in the travel, turism, holidays and wellbeing industry. We owned and run resorts, restaurants, travel agencies and spas mainly in north Italy. We developed extensive knowledge in such areas and during the last four years we gained a good expertise in the wedding banqueting organization and management satysfying almost 300 now married couples. Our motto is "your success, is our mission!".
We believe "success" is anything you do superbly according to your expectations and very often exceeding them. Our mission is to help and guide you to reach that goal wether it be for a company meeting, a team building, a formal dinner banquet, a hen party, your wedding party or your relaxation.
Thanks to our previous business experiences our new company today can broaden the horizons by considering itself beyond country boundaries.
For any questions you may have do not hesitate to contact us.

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Winnamir ltd, London - UK WinnAmir ltd
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WINNAMIR Ltd. London, UK